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We provide Japanese quality stationeries, stationeries made in Vietnam and expendable supplies necessary for factories, living goods, drinks & various goods with affordable price.

We promise to comply with regulations from the government. We also have Japanese staff so please feel free to contact us in Japanese.

Nhanh Nhanh catalogue is published (updated) every year. Customers will be able to find the products quickly.

The catalogue is freely distributed.




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Shachihata Hanko · stationery manufacture

Thang Long penci stationery manufacturer

Sakura Crepus stationery manufacturer

Suzuki Latex Rubber Products manufacturer

KACHIBOSHI VN Gloves manufacturer

SANYO Cotton swab manufacturer

MAKITA VN Vacuum Cleaner / Electric Tool Manufacturer

SARAYA Detergent manufacturer

ALPHA VNKirifuri) Drinking water manufacturer

Otsuka ThangPOCARI SWEAT) Beverage manufacturer

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Kirara(きらら) Information magazine · Event service

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Vietnam housing real estate service

Higashi Hotel Hotel Service


MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES  Market Research / Marketing Service



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