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MAGX JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established in 1965 and started as a company specializing in manufacturing plastic magnets (plastic magnet for new drivers). In Japan, the company has a Tsukuba plant in Ibaraki Prefecture and a distribution centre to meet the needs of the local market. The company just celebrated 50 years of establishment.

The company is not only a manufacturer of plastic magnet materials, but also a manufacturer of office tools with magnets and whiteboard items with MAGX brand, the company’s products being distributed by the Large distributors such as ASKUL, TANOMAIL through catalog sales, and sold at stores of famous retailers such as TOKYU HANDS, CAINZ HOME, AEON … besides the company’s products are also used and extended in the specialized products processing industry, gifts …

As a professional plastic magnet manufacturer in Japan, we are continuing to research and develop new features of plastic magnets.

Website http://www.magx.co.jp/


Established in 2000, is a wholly owned subsidiary of MAGX. The plant is located in the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh City, Amata Industrial Park, Dong Nai Province. The plant mainly produces plastic magnets for the North American market and manufactures motor parts for the electronic manufacturing corporations from Japan.

As of October 2016, the plant has 120 employees, operating under the management of the Japanese director. By 2015, the plant expanded production and warehouse space. To meet the product called calendar, the plant continued to invest in machinery and equipment and complete the production line of plastic magnet rolls, flexible plastic that other companies have not yet produced. Magnet plastic products of MAGX VIETNAM LTD are also being sold in Vietnam market. The company can meet the size and technical standards required by customers. You can buy wholesale or retail through the distribution agent of MagX Vietnam is the Fast Company

MAI International Co., Ltd.

MAI INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATES JSC was established in 2010, is one of the newly established subsidiaries of MAGX. The company focuses on developing services in the Vietnamese market such as: undertaking market survey forms, receiving full and accurate information about indigenous mayors that other companies do not respond to, connecting the business with Vietnamese enterprises, supporting the product introduction activities. The company has been providing consultancy services to help businesses find the most suitable business and distribution corporation in Vietnam in the fields of food, consumer goods, medicine, real estate, functional IT, information technology machinery, stationery, garment-related, etc.

In recent years, the market for MAI’s services has been expanded, such as receiving the SIBA-based Shizuoka Economic Recovery Trust- supporting Shizuoka businesses in Vietnam, the connection between Vietnamese enterprises with the Niigata Province Manufacturers Association.

In 2016, MAI company expanded its office space, started to provide office services for lease, supported the establishment of representative offices of Japanese companies in Vietnam. MAI company with the capacity of supporting, along with diversified fields of activities in the Vietnamese market will be the bridge leading to the success of Japanese enterprises.

Website http://mai-vn.com/