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How to order

①Request catalogue

We are distributing NhanhNhanh catalogue free of charge, so feel free to contact us with the following information.We will immediately send you the latest catalogue to your office/factory.

Ichiyanagi Daisuke (Japanese, English) ichiyanagi@nhanhnhanhco.com
Truong Quang Thanh(Vietnamese)thanh@nhanhnhanhco.com

②Register information

  • First, please download the customer registration form CUSTOMER INFORMATION SHEET
  • After registering in our system, customers can issue delivery orders, red invoices, order confirmation, etc.

③How to order

  • When customers want to purchase, please download the ORDER SHEET 
  • Please fill in your order form with product information (6 digits) in the catalogue and the quantity in the catalogue then send it to us by  email. After confirming the contents of our company, we will send a confirmation letter (CONFIRM SHEET).

④Order confirmation

  • Quantity change, additional order, want to cancel, etc. Please feel free to contact us.  After completing the order check, customers will be asked to confirm the orders or send us a confirmation by Mail.
  • Actual sales prices and catalogue prices vary for some products. In Vietnam market prices are not stable, they can be increased at any time. For this reason, it is tough to maintain prices over the years. Therefore, we issue a quotation every 6 months, the adjustment or change will be sent to you. Please contact us for the latest quotation. We understand that the actual price difference from the price on the catalogue will cause many troubles for customers, we apologize for that, we hope to receive your sympathy. Besides, the latest price of the product is also expressed through CONFIRM SHEET when we send confirmation.

⑤Payment method

  • Please choose the payment method
    Cash payment (Payment will be made in cash (VND) upon delivery of goods.)
    Bank transfer (payment by bank transfer (VND), customers will need to sign a separate contract.)
  • Please note that it will be a notice regarding payment. Because payment by overseas remittance (Japan and other countries) can not correspond, we would be pleased if customers can acknowledge it beforehand.

    Payment by credit card cannot be handled, we would be pleased if you can acknowledge it beforehand.


  • Avoiding product errors during the order process, please do not place orders over the phone. With the products ordered on demand, they can not be refunded so we will need confirmation from customers.
  • Delivery area: Ho Chi Minh City, industrial parks and suburban neighbouring Ho Chi Minh City. We do not deliver or ship to the North, Central region because of the problem of a product such as incorrect requirements, damaging in the delivery process and we can not support customers. So we would be pleased if you acknowledge it beforehand.
  • Since the service of NhanhNhanh catalogue will be for corporate customers, we can not respond to individual customers’ selling, so we would be pleased if you acknowledge it beforehand.
  • If you have any questions, please contact the contacts mentioned above.